Build a Digital Agency

Around Your Creative Talent.

A step-by-step roadmap to attracting world-class clients & getting paid what you deserve by building your own creative agency.

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What You'll Learn Inside 'Agency Accelerator'

Build an agency-type structure around your talent and start earning more,
while working with amazing clients and brands

Getting Deals

Learn predictable methods to get deals with brands and businesses, and confidently sell your services to them.

Charging More

By building an agency and offering a better experience, you’ll be able to charge top dollar for your talent.

Be World-Class

Position yourself as a leader, not a follower. Get my power-tactics to be perceived as an authority.

Agency Accelerator Program

Designed for creatives in 2017, who want to command higher prices and win more clients.

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Proven To Work Proposals, Pitch Decks & Invoices

Done-For-You Templates

I’ve tweaked and optimized the documents I use in my creative sales process for over 5 years.

These assets alone are worth thousands of dollars, and you can now copy my winning proposal formulas that I’ve used to close numerous 5 figure creative projects.

Career Specific Video Training

Expert Series

Extensive video training and specialized assets for professions like Social Influencers, Designers, Photographers, Writers and many more.

We’re continuously adding content and strategies in HD video format to this ever-growing knowledge platform.

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Accelerator Program

Step-by-step video training program

How to build a creative agency, get more clients to pay higher fees for your creative talents.

Done-For-You Templates

Our proven to work proposals and pitches

Literally duplicate my formula for high-value pitches, proposals and invoices for $10,000 and up.

Expert Series

Career-specific profit strategies & training

Tailored video training for very specific careers and creative directions.

Question & Answer

Connect with Charles and the MVMNT community

Tap into the brainpower and experience of Charles & other agency owners in our exclusive Q&A forums.

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